An EPIC Real Estate Software Solution

Estate Agents should spend time doing what they do best, selling and letting properties. For the rest, there’s EPIC Agent CRM, our EPIC Real Estate Software Solution.

    Real Estate Software CRM

    A Real Estate Software For Agencies Of All Sizes

    Contact & Property Database
    With a penchant for the success of our clients, our EPIC Real Estate CRM is aimed at keeping your records straight, your customer contact information easily accessible, and your properties aligned with your customer needs. Access all this and even more through a very user-friendly interface. We aim to facilitate your work and your life.
    Online, All The Time
    You do not need to encumber yourself with storage headaches. With a basic internet connection, you can access all the data that has been saved and organised to your account through our fast and effective cloud-based system through any device. We have added multiple layers of protection, to ensure that your information is perfectly secure; even more than on your personal computer’s hard drive!

    Our EPIC Modules

    All that you need right now and in the future is here. This is the beginning of a new era of Real Estate CRM.

    Real Estate

    Concentrate on what is really important in your business. With an EPIC Real Estate CRM, you make complicated look and feel simple. With our Customer Relationship Management system an intense database is built and monitored for effective leads together with accurate strategies.
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    Lettings Management

    There are several advantages to EPIC Agent’s Letting Module. With its centralised collection of services, our EPIC Real Estate CRM understands your aims and objectives and makes them easier for you, enabling growth through facilitation.
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    Property Management

    Property management was never easy, but with our EPIC Real Estate CRM we can make it easier, much easier. The trick is to plan your growth with our Property Management Module. This solution balances your mundane workload with what is absolutely important for your business.
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    A strong sales team cannot afford to be fettered by paperwork. Our EPIC Real Estate software is the result of intense and ongoing research which has enabled us to build a software which ensures easy data compiling and access, without wasting precious time.
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    An EPIC Real Estate CRM that comes with an EPIC Lease Management Module. A comprehensive system that is meant to synthesis data into one concerted repository with the immediate effect of enhancing your business into a manageable portfolio with no ends left loose.
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    Housing Management

    This software focuses mainly on the customer experience, creating a connection between your customers and the property data, providing a balanced knowledge of the reality out there, needed to be able to satisfy customers’ needs and wants.
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    Packed With EPIC Features

    Empowering real estate agents through software which engages and facilitates. Be part of an ever-growing list of diverse features at your fingertips; at your beck and call.
    Lead & Deal Management
    Lead & Deal Management

    Real estate lead segmentation, organised in a way which makes sense, and makes deals a breeze.

    Reporting And Analysis

    Reporting & Analysis

    Pesky reports are a thing of the past. Save time and money through our helpful, clever and EPIC Real Estate Software solution.

    Privacy And Security

    Privacy & Security

    Safer than your own laptop, we are making sure that you work with peace of mind through our secure real estate cloud solutions.

    Communication Logging
    Communication Logging

    In depth logging of all communication taking place in your business, with no exceptions.

    Contacts Database

    Contact Inventory

    With contacts being an estate agent’s goldmine, this service makes ease of access and peer sharing of paramount importance.

    Third Party Integrations
    3rd Party Integrations

    No more worries about a fragmented system. Easily integrated to your website, 3rd party feeds, and many other awesome tools.

    Reminders And Followups

    Reminders & Follow-ups

    A great way to quicken the pace, always in touch and keeping your clients impressed.

    Property Inventory

    Property Inventory

    Using our EPIC Real Estate Software, you will be finding the right property for the right client quicker and easier than ever before.

    Real Estate Sales Funnel

    Real Estate Sales Funnels

    Forget the complexity of creating sales strategies. Visually monitor your clients’ voyage through the sales funnel and gauge the next step in a timely manner.

    An epic CRM for realtors, with epic reviews

    When it comes to convincing you about our services, we let your peers do the talking. Here is what they have to say about our products.
    “Porting in to Jumpstart is a breeze.
    “Jumpstart is a dream come true.”
    “This company always turns out quality.”
    “Jumpstart is, well... It's pretty great.
    “Put your money into this company now.”

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