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We are EPIC Agent CRM – The Estate Agent Software for the modern agent. We have been in the process of envisaging issues and creating software solutions for such problems since 2015. Our main aim has always been to continuously assess current and upcoming difficulties in the running of property sales, renting and leasing, and approaching such difficulties with enhanced solutions.

Why we do it

Our vision is based on the continuous development of our software to ensure its efficiency, in not only addressing current problems but, through the release of updates, we continue to provide new and improved features, support and enhanced options. We do this through our strong relationship with our customers and the continued research that we employ, based on your feedback. We take nothing for granted, because we believe that we can only solve tomorrow’s problems if we work hand in hand with you today.

Why We Do It

We had originally set off with an idea, and with our continuous conversations, research and feedback from our clients, we have realised that our reasoning was not far from the truth. The truth was that many agents were wasting precious time using obsolete and decentralised means of data storage, appointment keeping and communications setups with both each other and their clients, be it landlords, property managers and/or tenants. Time being precious, a lot of it was being wasted in such inadequate systems that opportunities were being lost. Losing one opportunity means losing money, but losing one opportunity after another means losing your impetus as an agency, and hence your name and consequently your fame. We all know that it is a tough world out there. Competition is strife; acquiring clients means having available time and plenty of finesse. Now, if you have to manage all this with an obsolete excel-based system in the background, most of your precious time will be wasted in data management, rather than out and about, doing what you do best – integrating with clients and selling! Our system provides you with the peace of mind that your office presence is kept at a minimum. Your magic as an agent works while you are with people, individuals, couples and families, hunting down their perfect home and bringing that magical smile to their faces. Our magic is ensuring that you have all the time to do what you do best and we aim to bring a smile to your face too.

How We Do It

How we do it

But what is it precisely that we do? Of course, we directly save you time … and money. We actually help you earn more money, both in the short and the long term. But the question that you might be asking right now is, how do we do it?

We did it by keeping it simple yet efficient. Because we know that you need things to be straightforward, as who wants to spend hours trying to adapt through a high learning curve, and simultaneously highly efficient; to reduce your work load. First of all, with all this in mind, we designed this software in a way that ensures that you dive into using it without any training at all. Secondly, we designed a smooth and attractive User Interface (UI) that will exceed your expectations, ensuring that your experience using this software is as interesting and enjoyable as possible. Thirdly, we automated routine tasks, eradicated the possibility of data duplication, introduced the pre-population of forms, together with automated notifications and a reminder to keep you constantly up-to-date with appointments while including a fully automated agent performance tracking system. Finally, to make sure that our software experience is made as smooth as possible, we update regularly, basing our changes on research and customer feedback and opinions, ensuring a headway when compared to our competition.

EPIC Agent CRM is a real estate software solution package that brings together two powerful core modules. These are seamlessly joined as one solution. The listings module is an essential module that revolves and evolves around the agency’s properties. The second core module, the CRM, is all about your customers’ journey with your agency – from the initial point of contact, up to conversion! This means, in simple terms, that two powerful sources of data are brought together and leveraged to automate two-way property/customer match-making, and new stock alert, in a way which no excel sheet and no endless amounts of eyes would be able to offer you instead. This is indeed the future for agencies. There is no agency, big or small that can afford not to stay ahead of the game through the application of EPIC’s software solution.

What we do

Since its inception, we, the people at EPIC Agent CRM have not stopped working to ensure that this software system is as widespread as possible in English-speaking countries across the globe. There is no border or frontier for our EPIC team!

With myriads of customers all over Europe, the expansion is also ongoing, with the same alacrity, within countries such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. The reason for this success is twofold. We know that with this explosive international expansion we would be able to have an even better product based on continuous customer communication and support. We also know that a cheap product that does not deliver what it promises can never spread like wildfire. This is substantial proof that our software not only delivers noticeably but ensures that we keep the promise of delivering the best software system, not just for use today but also for the future.

The future is now. What we do today, the labour we put in this day, will be reaped in the near and far future. We aim to be leading the evolution of PropTech solutions. We rub shoulders with our customers because we value their opinion, and we are here to solve their problems and smoothen their way to success. Our continuous research and development coupled with rigid and constant quality assurance processes ensure a product that challenges its competition strongly and from a higher vantage ground. And we do this knowing that not only do we aim to keep our product affordable, but we also will strive day after day to ensure an impeccable product support system. As we mentioned before, our aim is simple really – to make sure you have an EPIC experience running your Real Estate business.

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