AI – Is it just a buzzword?

Hello there, my name is Andre’ and I welcome you top another episode of EPIC Agent CRM, your cloud real estate solution.


Today our topic is  ‘AI – Is it just a buzz word?’


For the past decade or two, we have been hearing about AI until the latest explosion of Chat GPT in the last few months.


Whilst others are JUST looking at this phenomenon unravel, we here at EPIC Agent CRM have already taken onboard this emerging giant!


An interesting cool feature we have implemented is the sales write up through AI integration.

We know how tedious such a task can be and often overlooked.

Thanks to AI, EPIC Agent CRM users can comfortably, with the click of a button have their sales write up compiled and created in seconds.

This, with the best choice of words and in elegant style making the agents’ life as seamless as possible.

…….. And much much more is coming!


So, be part of the upcoming evolution and move onto EPIC Agent CRM – A FUTUREPROOF cloud real estate solution designed for your needs!


Thank you for joining us for another episode of EPIC Agent CRM, ma name is Andre’ and I see you on the next one.