EPIC Agent CRM – An EPIC Real Estate Software Solution


An Estate Agent Software Solution one price per license and no locked features!  

If you’re an Estate Agent currently using old technology and looking to switch, then EPIC Agent CRM is the software solution you’ve been searching for!  

Epic Agent CRM does what it promises, no hidden fees, Easy to use and full product version right out of the box! 

We ensured developing a CRM solution that supports all your devices! Tablets, Smart Phones, Laptops, Desktops and all Apple products! 

Our official EPIC Agent CRM Promo

Its cloud based so you can access from anywhere in the world! Giving you advanced search features, intelligent client-property matchmaking…..Managing that entire customer journey through it’s state-of-the-art, integrated CRM module. 

Already used and loved by agencies of all sizes, from individual brokers to franchises and multi- chains!  

Epic Agent CRM plugs straight into and integrates with those portals you’re using! Such as Right Move, Zoopla, Purple Bricks and On the Market!  

24/7 customer support, Automatic mailing lists, SMS reminders, Poster and leaflet design posting…..All features, all the time at no extra cost!  

Click on the link or contact your EPIC Agent CRM authorized reseller for more details.  

Epic Agent CRM, The Estate Agent business just got a whole lot easier! 

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