Epic Agent CRM is fast becoming the world’s favorite emerging real estate CRM solution.

Ashley Galea

We live in times where people and organizations are demanding and expecting information to be available at the drop of a hat. The ever-increasing need to exploit data available to us feeding into technology to meet and exceed our expectations. 

Allowing real estate professionals to focus on what matters most: selling property fast.

The world today is a hub of information and innovation ever reaching new heights, a special time to be living in, especially for those of us ready to utilize all this to our advantage. 

The real estate industry is no different, it’s fast paced data-driven and sensitive to the changes that take place within this macro environment. And for these reasons Estate Agents need the technological tools to remain on top of their game! 

Epic Agent CRM is among the world’s favorite emerging real estate CRM solutions. It is designed and developed with the modern Estate Agents needs in mind. A customizable easy to use system that helps them focus on what they do best finding the perfect property for their clients having been inspired all the way by c-level real estate consultants. 

EPIC Agent crm presents management with the tools necessary to professionally run a real estate agency by making timely and informed decisions. EPIC agent CRM is used by thousands of agents across multiple countries worldwide helping them sell and rent hundreds of thousands of properties around the clock. It is motivating and energizing for the agents using it putting them in the right mindset and geared up for industry.  

As an agent, start your morning by landing on your dashboard to see how you are progressing through the week to hit those KPI targets set by management. Never miss appointments or forget to follow up on leads and opportunities by having your calendar and to-do lists on the system synchronized with all your devices.  

Print important property information in multiple formats for your customers

More importantly EPIC Agent CRM becomes your daily partner assisting you in finding properties for clients through its incredibly powerful search facility using very refined criteria the system offers unprecedented two-way automatic matchmaking technology between properties and customers helping agents sell and rent their properties fast! 

Print important property information in multiple formats for your customers or the agent going on a viewing. Window Posters and more at the touch of a mouse click all readily designed in line with your brand guidelines! 

Send property details to your clients in seconds and EPIC Agent CRM will chase you to follow up on that and to set viewings to close your next deal. Estate Agents love the system as it helps them keep track of which properties, they have already shown to the customer even previously by colleagues and the feedback that they had given regarding it.  

Take your Estate Agency office to the next level with Epic Agent CRM.          

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