EPIC Agent CRM: Pricing


We will start this section by saying that EPIC Agent CRM is OPEX based and not CAPEX based.

What does this mean? Let us explain.

Any business, whatever its product or service has a variety of expenses . This can be the rent that is being paid for the acquirement of factories and offices, to any costs that may be incurred from raw materials needed for production. Other factors are wages paid to employees and any other expenses that are incurred in the every day running of an enterprise to ensure the growth of this endeavor.

What is CAPEX and what is OPEX?

While capital expenditure (CAPEX) are considered as the major purchases that a company makes due to its long-term operations and growth vision, the other side of the coin, labelled as operating expenses (OPEX) are what EPIC Agent CRM is really involved with. These expenses are the day-to-day running expenses of any company incurred in the daily running of the business, ensuring that it is kept operational. Operating expenses fall squarely in the form of rent and utilities, wages and salaries, accounting and legal fees, property taxes and travel expenses.

EPIC Agent CRM falls squarely within OPEX. That is, it is a running expense that has been deemed, as seen in the above explanation, a running cost which is imperative to the daily running of your business.

It is here that we come to the most interesting part of this article.

The Interesting Part

Although EPIC Agent CRM is OPEX not CAPEX, we are proud to state, without any reservations, that we give you a CAPEX benefit. This means that our system enables the growth of your organisation. Our system has your business enhancement in mind. Our system was planned with your needs, and aligned with these needs to create a powerful software with a minimal expenditure.

How does EPIC Agent CRM Work?

Once you do the right thing and acquire one of our licenses, a facilitated payment scheme will come into operation. The licensing will grow with you and your organisation’s needs. You pay according to your affordance. If your company grows, then your payments will alter accordingly. But we know that there are good times and times which are, let’s say, not so peachy. So, we have also thought about that. With a smaller organisation you will automatically pay less. So you will pay according to the usage of the system making the expense as small as possible, barely visible financially, yet strong when it comes to results.

EPIC agent CRM’s Commitment.

Pay monthly or annually, the choice is yours. We do not enforce any rules, or any obligations. We promise benefits. When you choose to go for annual plans, you will be automatically eligible for discounts. These discounts help to reduce the financial impact on your organisation. We want you to flourish and we know that every little bit counts, both in the short and long term.

What are the advantages of owning an EPIC agent CRM license?

  1. Full and unfettered use of our system. This means that there are no hidden terms which will mitigate your experience in any way.
  2. Free technical and usage support. Available during office hours CET time zone.
  3. You will be fully eligible for regular updates to the system. We are continuously working on content improvement and enhancement of the package in terms of new features and up-scaling of existent elements. Again, this comes at no extra cost.

We look forward to prove our talk and seeing your organisation improve its business through, what we like to call, a cooperative liaison, between the expertise of our software and the skill of your people. This is the birth of an unparalleled amalgamation of skills and knowledge to bring forth success to your operation.

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