Fun Facts about EPIC Agent CRM


An epic team, providing epic solutions.

We are EPIC Agent CRM – The Estate Agent Software for the modern agent. We have been in the process of envisaging issues and creating software solutions for such problems since 2015. Fun Facts about EPIC Agent CRM – Our main aim has always been to continuously assess current and upcoming difficulties in the running of property sales, renting and leasing, and approaching such difficulties with enhanced solutions.

Fun Facts about EPIC Agent CRM – A brief chat with the Alan, CEO of EPIC Agent CRM.

” There’s a lot of hype going on around EPIC Agent CRM and that’s mainly because we’re changing the productivity landscape for Estate Agents around the world.

Thing is, we’d like you to know who we are behind the scenes!

  • We’re an international team based mainly in Malta, but with team members in North America, Europe and Asia.
  • I’m Alan founder and CEO at EPIC Agent
  • Our main objective is to provide agents with a solution that is a productivity monster.

One fun-fact about us is that our product team celebrates  “Innovation Wednesdays” by dedicating a few hours every week to working on, ideas and technologies that could make it to our official product roadmap!

Feel free to contact us at EPIC Agent CRM for a more in depth conversation to discuss your particular needs.

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