Rising Property Prices

How does rising property prices affect estate agents?


Positive ways that rising property prices can affect estate agents

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  1. Increased Commission: One of the most obvious ways that rising property prices can benefit estate agents is through increased commissions. As the commission is usually calculated as a percentage of the sale price. So higher property prices mean a higher commission for the agent.
  2. More Listings: Rising property prices can motivate more property owners to list their properties for sale. This can result in an increase in the number of listings available for estate agents to market and sell.
  3. Improved Reputation: As property prices rise, the real estate market attracts more attention from buyers, investors, and media outlets. Estate agents are able to successfully navigate this environment. Hence achieving high sales figures which improves their reputation and credibility within the industry.
  4. Increased Business Opportunities: Higher property prices can result in increased demand for real estate services. Such as property management, investment advice, and commercial property leasing. Estate agents who specialize in these areas may see an increase in business opportunities and revenue as a result.
  5. Positive Market Sentiment: Rising property prices can create a positive sentiment in the market. This leads to increased buyer confidence and a more active market. This can result in more sales, more listings, and more revenue for estate agents.

Negative ways that rising property prices affect estate agents

  1. Decreased Affordability: Rising property prices can make it more difficult for buyers to afford a property, especially first-time buyers. This can result in a decrease in demand for real estate services. Becuase fewer people are able to enter the market.
  2. Reduced Transaction Volume: Transaction volume can decrease as buyers are priced out of the market with property prices rising. This can result in fewer sales and less revenue for estate agents.
  3. Increased Competition: As property prices rise, more agents may enter the market to take advantage of the increased sales activity. This can result in increased competition for listings and sales. Making it more difficult for individual agents to stand out and win business.
  4. More Stringent Lending Criteria: Rising property prices can lead to more stringent lending criteria from banks and other financial institutions. This can make it more difficult for buyers to obtain financing and can further decrease demand for real estate services.
  5. Increased Pressure to Perform: As property prices rise, estate agents may feel increased pressure to perform and meet higher sales targets. This can lead to a more stressful work environment and can negatively impact work-life balance.

Balancing the reality

Positive or negative, rising property prices effectively have their consequences. The real estate agent is always at the mercy of factors beyond his/her skill set. This happens because such elements are external and uncontrollable. But it is also apparent that the real estate agent can prepare for such eventualities.

An agent foreseeing the possibility of negative or positive factors in the real estate market is armed against these challenges. EPIC Agent CRM is the top CRM software helping real estate agents with the means to push through, take advantage and succeed in the process. EPIC Agent CRM is a selection of tools aimed for such eventualities. EPCI Agent CRM is the CRM software for real estate agents which guides you through both the difficult and the easier times. We ensure your success in the real estate market. Contact us for more information of how we can help you acclimatise better to the world outside your office.

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