One System to Rule them All!


Property Data & Customer Journey in ONE System.

Real estate is a massive business which spans the world over. No one can negate this. From residential to business properties, the demand is always strong and only getting stronger with time. The trick is to create a match made in heaven, through EPIC Agent CRM.

Though this may sound simple, creating such a match is similar to finding the love of your life.

Thankfully, the difference is that with property, there is help and guidance through real estate people. These will go the extra mile to ensure that the property that you need and the property that you buy are one and the same.

CRM: A problem to be solved.

Till now all seems and sounds straightforward and clear right? Yet there is another question that needs to be answered. Who or rather what can help these real estate businesses to ensure that a match made in heaven, is continuously happening between their property listings and their buyers?

The competition between real estate companies is getting tougher, and tougher. Obviously, you as a real estate company should be constantly aware of this, and ensure that your competitors are not allowed to outperform you.

EPIC: A solution which outperforms the competition.

Through EPIC Agent CRM, ISB has created the best real estate software management to ensure the perfect management of your property data. With the help of this integrated real estate software you will find it way easier, and strongly intuitive, to manage all loose ends from one centralized software. This can be seen as an opportunity to not only be more organised, but also to ensure that you will not be side-lined by your competition. In this ongoing war for supremacy, between the myriad of real estate companies that exist and are constantly emerging.

Breaking it down.

Many real estate businesses start off with two sets of data, primarily –

  1. Property data – which encapsulates all the property that needs to be sold
  2. Customer data – clients seeking to purchase their dream residential or business property

Sometimes such businesses end up with even more systems, all aimed at facilitating the job of the real estate agent. The thing is, the real estate agent’s speciality is to deal with people; and through their expertise and character extract the desires of their clients to be able to shape an affective marriage. As opposed to a simple marriage of convenience. The real estate agent does not have the time to waste. He or she need an effective system which enables them to quickly and successfully find the right property for the right client.

The devil is in the details.

EPIC Agent CRM is a solution which joins all types of data available to the real estate agent. This system gives the advantage of logging into one system and not multiple systems. There is also the added advantage that all modules work together to offer benefits such as two-way customer/property ideal match making.

ISB has gone the extra mile to ensure that their system takes care of all the organisation of the real estate agency’s CRM. Through lead sourcing, contact types, property types, location factors and dates of transactions, EPIC Agent CRM processes all necessary information at the touch of a finger, or the click of a mouse, and ensure matches which make sense to your client. This system enables transactions in a faster and more effective manner. This system ensures that all your agents are out on the field doing what they usually do best. Rather than laboriously picking through data to try and connive a way how to drearily match property with buyer.

If you need your agency to perform faster and more effectively, there is one solution – EPIC Agent CRM.

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