Top 5 Real Estate Tools To Get Agents Started

Top 5 Real Estate Tools To Get Agents Started


The world of real estate is incredibly competitive and any prospective agent needs to have a good understanding of what they’re getting themselves into coupled with a bunch of handy real estate tools of the trade that will help them get a leg up on their competitors. Here are some of the essentials you should invest in when starting out.

Get a smartphone with a good camera and a dedicated phone number

Nowadays, a smartphone offers all the tools you could have hoped for two decades ago when it came to any sort of business endeavour. These little machines connect you to the world in a way never before possible, and saying no to this incredibly powerful and flexible handheld real estate tool would put you at a massive disadvantage compared to other agents on the market. A smartphone with a good camera also lets you create high-quality imagery to make your work stand out in the field, making it a more than worthwhile starting investment.

Create your own LinkedIn profile

You just can’t afford to remain invisible on the internet nowadays when you operate in a business where trust and transparency are key. Having a well-groomed LinkedIn profile suggests to prospective clients that you are serious about the business and their ability to check out your previous work and career experience will go a long way towards their decision in ultimately hiring you. This is about much more than just the net benefit of having a profile: nowadays, it is really quite conspicuous by its absence.

Make your own website and blog

Much like maintaining your own social media presence, taking the step to curate a consistent online presence by creating your own website and blog content goes a long way in highlighting your unique approach to the real estate world. Establishing a personable tone and a unique connection plays a great part in closing the deal and these real estate tools are crucial in doing so in today’s fast-moving, digital world.

Peruse MLS sites

MLS, or Multiple Listing Service sites allow you to seamlessly compare and contrast listings of involved real estate brokers. This allows you to supercharge your reach in the industry by becoming a part of a network where essentially everyone signs up with the goal and understanding that everyone’s inventory sold out is a great business outcome for all involved. Even when factoring in the compensation involved, the way these private databases are extremely helpful for real estate agents when it comes to turning a profit.

Get your hands on EPIC Agent CRM

Our unique web-based real estate software solution greatly streamlines your workflow and offers powerful tools ranging from robust tracking features to easy integration and management options. Our EPIC, secure, and scalable product is a must-have real estate tool that will help you take your real estate business to the next level in no time by reducing the complexity of running the administrative side of things, taking a serious workload off your shoulders so that you can focus on the core portion of the job.

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