Why using our EPIC Agent CRM is … EPIC!


Today, more than ever, every organisation is moving closer and closer to becoming fully involved in both the use of various software packages and also their full migration to the cloud. Both choices are based on determining factors, such as full automation, less dependency on the human factor, faster data collection and retrieval, and safer storage of sensitive information. This stage of human computer interaction has created the need for software with a vision for facilitating business and human relations. There is also the need for software which really and truly facilitates your unique journey as an organisation into this uncharted territory.

Who are we?

Let us now introduce the star of the day – EPIC Agent CRM. This is our way of telling you that yes, we are thinking about your woes. We are also consistently keeping our eyes open to understand your needs. We are consequently working hard and even more consistent in ensuring the creation of  software, from our end, which does not only solve your day-to-day business problems, but has the added benefit of not creating new problems!

Reasons why you will find us EPIC

Why? To answer this question, it would be best if we actually compile a list to attest to the numerous elements already created. We are continuously developing this list in order to facilitate your organisation’s journey into the vast universe of consumer management related software.

1. Easy on the Eyes

Our EPIC Agent CRM is ‘easy on the eyes’, as we like to call it. You will not stop in shock and stare at your computer screen trying to decipher what is the next step that is expected of you in order to make good use of this software.

2. Intuitive

EPIC Agent CRM is intuitive. There, we said it. You will not think twice about managing the software, because it is meant to manage your business not the other way around. Through its simplified and facilitated directional quality, you will feel immediately at ease with our product. You can click away at the contents and navigate your way around with unprecedented ease, as if you have been doing it since time immemorial. It is instinctive, and you will unconsciously find your way around with little to no pressure on your untested computer skills.

3. From where do you start?

You will never again ask the question, ‘where do I start off from?’ EPIC Agent CRM has contrived, steadily and surely, to ensure an ease of navigation. This, besides being intuitive, facilitates your approach and constantly guides you in minimizing the, ‘what’s next?’ dilemma.

4. Easy on the Memory

If you are worried that using it a few times would still mean having to relearn the process every time you access the software, just stop there. There is absolutely little reliance on the users’ memory. Exactly. You do not need to take notes on what you did last time, so the next time you will know exactly what to do. We promise a system which takes a proactive approach from the first time you experience the software. This ensures that the next time you use it, and the time after that will be as easy as doing what you do best; selling property. EPIC Agent CRM is meant to complement and ameliorate your work, not add stress to your business.

5. We give you More

Of course, it goes without saying, that whatever you expect to find in EPIC Agent CRM will be there, plus more. As an agent, you have your expectancies, and we assure you that these have been fulfilled with you and your businesses’ continued progress in mind.

6. Research Based

A substantial part of our technical team has also gone through the laborious, but intriguing process of perfecting the user experience that we are so proud to present to you through EPIC Agent CRM. Through multiple focus groups and work shops we have asked people like you questions. We have recorded the answers painstakingly, analysed the results, and come up with so many possibilities in ensuring that estate agents of any level of computer knowledge and skillset can get onboarded on this software in a way which ensures immediate speed, ease and success, without the need for time-consuming and expensive training.

7. Ongoing Support Provided

We are promise an intuitive and progressively understandable system. We understand and appreciate that everyone loves being in the knowledge that support is always at hand. So yes, we have ensured that our support team is on continuous standby, ensuring that you do not travel on this journey on your own.

A little conclusion …

Our aim has changed over time. We believe that if we do not change than we are not really assessing the needs of agents. Those who want to be better and stronger than the competition. Hence why, we are travelling on this journey alongside you; looking towards a continuous and methodical improvement of all our systems. Hence why, together, we are EPIC.

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