Key Benefits.

Property Listings & Customer Data
All in one place! A single source of truth that allows you to leverage on data.
Manage Agent KPIs
And automatically monitor their daily performance! Agents can also see how they’re performing against their objectives.
Multi-Office Ready
Expanding into multiple offices across the nation? EPIC Agent CRM is already geared to support that growth.

Our Advantage.

ZERO Onboarding Costs. A cloud solution that is secure, with ZERO onboarding costs and a pay-as-you-go SaaS license that entitles you to free unlimited support and ongoing new EPIC features every couple of months.

Configurable and customisable. EPIC Agent CRM is highly configurable, but just in case you’re looking to build that extra feature for your business to have an edge over competition, our product team are more than happy to assist!

An EPIC User Experience. With EPIC Agent CRM, having all your property listings and customer journey data sitting in a single solution allows your agents to perform tasks with ease. Let EPIC do the two-way Property/Customer match-making for you. Share shortlisted properties with your customers and keep track of all the customer communication in one place. Follow-ups are semi-automated and setting viewing appointments is a breeze. Book a free demo, we are eager to please!

You’re in Safe Hands.

Easy Data Migration
We understand this is a sensitive process, but we assure you that we’ve done this dozens of times.
Award-winning Support

You probably won’t need much of this, but just in case, we have a support team that sits in your time zone and is ready to assist your agents.

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