Lease Management Software

Lease Management Software

Why is lease management software important? In order to effectively manage a lease, you need detailed records of what has been done and when. This is where the importance of leasing software comes in. The right tool can make tasks easier for both landlords and tenants by ensuring that all information is accurate, up-to-date, and accessible on demand. Here's where EPIC Agent CRM comes in.

EPIC Agent’s Lease Management Software is a comprehensive system meant to facilitate a lease manager’s day-to-day, as a means to synthesise data into one concerted repository with the immediate effect of enhancing your business. Such software helps to eliminate the complex intricacies of managing your real estate leases. Keeping a continuous tab of a diverse and, most times, never-ending portfolio can be a daunting task, especially with lease companies needing to ensure full compliance with new and regularly updated leasing regulations set by governmental authorities. The benefits of lease management software are many, and all such benefits come together as a way to ensure that your lease portfolio is managed in an improved and more efficient way. 

Real Estate Lease Management Software

Very much like EPIC Agent’s Letting Software, EPIC Agent’s Lease Management Software provides an easily accessible resource solution for all of your information and documentation. Consolidating all of your portfolios into a single system is one of the core objectives of such a system, with the added benefit of preparing yourself for financial regulations constantly having diverse bearings on your business. This software is the go-to resource for real estate lease agents committed to bring together their resources and make them readily accessible to stakeholders. In turn, stakeholders can keep a close eye on yields to account for the projected development of the real estate business with an interest in improving the communications gap and operations efficacy.

EPIC Agent’s Real Estate Lease Management Software Benefits

Saves Time, Space & Money

In this digital age, it’s surprising how many businesses still use paper-based filing systems or a legacy on-premise system for their lease agreements and do not keep a centralised database either. All kinds of data are constantly being transferred between different employees and offices. Collating all your lease portfolio information is time-consuming and a difficult task to complete. It increases the risk of misplacing or missing important information, therefore, running the very possible risk of your company not being up-to-date or continuously complaint.

EPIC Agent’s Lease management software stores all of this data centrally in a cloud-based infrastructure, so there is no need to install demanding software and needing huge storage spaces. This means that all the information you need is there, ready and waiting for whenever it needs to be accessed.

A Full Audit Trail

EPIC’s lease management software creates reports, monitors user changes and tracks portfolio information. This allows a complete audit trail which is a much-advanced stage from multiple lease Excel spreadsheets. These quickly become numerous and duplicated, making it hard to track changes properly, especially if multiple individuals are accessing them.


Accessible Remotely through Secure Cloud-Based Data Storage

As stated in our Lease Agent Software page, EPIC’S Real Estate Lease Management is a dedicated software platform superior in many ways when compared to more traditional Lease Management systems. With the latter, there is always the potential for lost files, accidental use of older and outdated versions, difficulties in working collaboratively amongst employees and the influence of user habits, which could be so dissimilar that such would act as a hindrance and, alas, a waste of precious time.


Customisation of Reporting & Alerts

This does not mean that lease accounting software is overly prescriptive, demanding on your imagination and the need to tailor functions. Such software allows you to tailor reports and alerts to suit your own needs. Report generators are also present, and their uses reduce time consumption, ensuring the compilation and setting up in an orderly way of all the information you are most likely to need in your day-to-day business.


Data Protection

Data protection is a feature that can definitely not be forgotten whilst creating such software. It is in our interest as the creators of EPIC’S Real Estate Lease Management to provide a system which will firstly not hinder your operation, but aid it in a strong and useful way. Secondly, our interest lies also in ensuring that your data remains safe throughout the use of our cloud-based software through solid SSL encryption and regular backups of your leasing data. You can export data for use on external drives, but rest assured that anything on our cloud system is fast to access and eternally safe for added peace of mind, allowing you to work fast and effectively more than ever before.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lease management software is the right way to substantially remove any complex elements that can reveal themselves as daunting in managing your real estate leases. We all are very much aware of the importance of keeping up with your competition. For this reason, keeping tabs on all such industry changes and many more that might crop up over time is the main idea behind EPIC’S Real Estate Lease Management Software. We have created a way that is meant to make things easier for yourself, your employees, your colleagues, your clients and ultimately, as a result, the overall effectiveness of your business.

While property management software may be more oriented towards understanding, caring, and orientation of property portfolios, lease management software has been developed with one primary strategy: facilitating leasing and rendering such practice more efficient. The latter software will aid you in acquiring more accurate data related to property.

Lease management software consists of various features that improve efficiency. The software is cloud-based and, therefore, saving on computer and storage space while ensuring continuous accessibility. Furthermore, you can access such management software anytime and from anywhere.

Getting started with our leasing management software is facilitated and made easy through intuitive user interfaces (UI) with straightforward navigation. We at EPIC also offer adequate training and support to help you get started with them and make the most out of these services!

The best cannot be quantified at times, unless you look around you and see how many people’s lives have you affected in a good way. That is when you realise that EPIC Agent’s Real Estate Lease Management Software is working better than what you were using before and definitely at par if not better than the competition. We have created a software which facilitates relationships and saves time for yourself, the agent and your clients. This is a win-win situation from start to finish!
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