Letting Agent Software

Letting Agent Software

Our EPIC Letting Agent Software is a powerful, one-stop-shop for letting agents and real estate agents. It provides a wealth of features that make the lives of property owners and landlords easier. With our Letting Agent Software you can list all properties in your portfolio, manage tenants, generate rent reports with ease and collaborate with clients from anywhere.

EPIC Agent’s Letting Agent Software is the software of the future for letting agents who are drowning under the pressure of monitoring the market and keeping themselves up to date and competitive with the trending changes in the current property market. EPIC Agent’s Letting Software lets you take care of absolutely anything related to letting and allows you the time to focus on other tasks, time which otherwise would be pretty tricky to find. EPIC Agent’s Letting Software is a lettings software that is already seen by many as the way how to facilitate and mitigate jobs associated with letting, ensuring strong liaison between the different parties and enabling a smooth and compact mode of dealing with anything remotely letting related.

Letting Software for Agents

Software is what it is. It is programmed in a way that can only be appreciated through actual usage. Those letting and property agents who have tried EPIC’s letting software feel synchronised and empowered through the facilitation offered through the benefits programmed into this web application.

Through the myriad of benefits such as In a world where time is increasingly becoming more and more expensive, our letting software has been classified as the tool which enables growth through facilitation.

EPIC Agent’s Letting Agent Software Benefits

There are several advantages to our EPIC Letting Agent Software. Whichever mode of working and dealing with your customers you choose; this software understands a letting agents’ aims and objectives, and in turn makes them easier for you. Being a centralised collection of services, it gives you the ability to generate reports, send Emails, automate workflows and act as a hub for your landlords, vendors, and tenants, EPIC Agent’s Letting Software serves as an engine to facilitate your daily needs in renting and letting.

A robust contact management system is quite possibly one of the most south after functionality in a letting software package. And EPIC Agent CRM gives you just that, EPIC contact management.

Contact Management

Accessibility to functions such as a listing of contact details, annotations, documentation and historic account of all communication and other correspondence with landlords, vendors and tenants.

Property Management

Makes listing properties less cumbersome and time-consuming, with property details forms with location placements to ensure that your clients receive information on relative property and not haphazard listings. This demonstrates the serious intent of your company, facilitating clients finding their dream property and quickening transactions and deals.

Offer Management

Make use of management tools that serve to remind you to keep a constant and timely track of applicants and landlords. These templates quicken your routine and are kept in one secure place, accessible by the click of a button.

Tenancy Management

Monitor, at a glance, rents due and payments that need to be done. There is no more the need for cumbersome excel sheets or heavy paperwork. Through customisable templates, you can ensure that all records are kept in a timely and organised manner, with helpful notifications to keep track of things and keep you that step ahead in organising your organisation.

Frequently Asked Questions

In a world where more and more people are renting, leasing and dealing with many different kinds of property, keeping tabs with customers, landlords and your own colleagues or employees and ensuring real-time sharing of information is becoming anything but easy. Epic Agent’s Letting software is the resolution to go to when any of the mentioned stakeholders need an organised and efficient system to regulate and facilitate their letting affairs.

There are tonnes of letting software out there. Which one is the best? The answer is dependent on why you need such a software. Do you need to organise yourself, have an up-to-date database which is being continuously and accurately updated, do you want to be notified of events, meetings and so on, keep in touch regularly and timely with colleagues, landlords and clients, and consequently gain a strong edge on competition when considering the sheer amount of letting agents out there? Do you want to have all this, and also ensure that all this is available at the click of a button with the least headaches, very lenient learning curve and user friendliness possible? Then here is the obvious answer – EPIC Agent’s Letting Software is the best. Without any doubt, obviously.

So many things and services are free in this world. Yet we at EPIC Agent Letting Software have learnt one thing, nothing good really comes for free. You need to work to achieve and succeed, and we have worked hard to achieve and succeed in creating a package which, without any doubt will astound you! Yes, there is software out there which is free and they will promise you that it will do exactly what we are promising you. We invite you to try our software and check out the difference and which is most reliable. We invite you to do the choice yourself.

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