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Listing Management

In the world of real estate, managing listings is a critical aspect of success. With EPIC Agent CRM's Listings Management module, you can take your property listings to the next level and beyond. Our comprehensive module covers everything property-related and more, ensuring that your listings are not just managed but optimized for maximum impact.

Automatic Property Descriptions with AI Integration

One of the biggest challenges for real estate agents is crafting compelling property descriptions. But with EPIC Agent CRM, you can leave that worry behind. Our in-app AI integration automatically generates captivating property descriptions, saving you time and ensuring that your listings stand out.

Streamlined Approval Workflow

For management peace of mind, our Listings Management module includes a configurable listings approval workflow. Whether you’re adding new properties or making amendments, you can establish an efficient process that suits your agency’s needs, ensuring quality control and consistency.

Precision Searching Made Easy

Searching for properties that match your clients’ specific requirements has never been more effortless. EPIC Agent CRM offers a powerful and granular search tool that enables agents to locate properties quickly, even when clients have the most particular demands.

Efficient Property Key Management

Our Listings Module goes beyond just listing properties; it helps you manage them effectively. Agents can easily find and book property keys, while office managers can track key holders. This accountability ensures that keys are always in the right hands, eliminating the hassle of lost keys. EPIC Agent CRM takes care of the little details that matter. If an agent forgets to return a property key to the office, our system sends automated reminders, preventing any disruptions and ensuring a seamless workflow.

Simplify Off-Plan Unit Listings

Listing off-plan units for large property development projects becomes a breeze with our Listings Module. You can effortlessly showcase these properties to potential buyers, attracting investors and ensuring your agency remains competitive in the market.

Track Agent Performance

Management can keep tabs on agent performance with ease. You can monitor important metrics like the number of new listings, viewing appointments, and more. This data-driven approach empowers you to make informed decisions and drive your agency’s success.

Global Property Propagation

With EPIC Agent CRM, expanding your property reach globally is a reality. Our Listings Module facilitates the propagation of your properties to dozens of property portals worldwide, including those in the UAE, the UK, and various European markets. EPIC Agent CRM’s Listings Management module is your all-in-one solution for optimizing property listings and streamlining the listing process. From automated descriptions and approval workflows to advanced search tools and global property propagation, we’ve got you covered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. EPIC Agent’s Real Estate Sales Software not only facilitates the collection of information, but collects it in a way which makes it easier for agents to access and make use of in an entirely innovative and effective manner.

We at EPIC Agent’s Real Estate Sales Software assure you that we have had conversations with agents and researched the business intensively in the attempt to create a solution for problems that have been communicated with us over time. We have aimed to create and maintain the best solution to these problems, which we are sure you will agree with once you try it out!

Although each has a slightly different name, there is not much difference between the two. Any serious real estate sales software will need to make CRM an intrinsic part of its operation. CRM, when done right becomes an intuitive way of how to initiate, maintain and refresh relationships between agents and clients, assuring healthy and intense associations.

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