Onboarding EPIC Agent CRM

Hello there, my name is Andre’ and I welcome you to another episode of EPIC Agent CRM – Your cloud real estate solution.

Are you tired or unhappy about using your current software?

Are you afraid of losing all your contacts and properties when migrating to a new system?

Don’t’ you worry, consider your problem solved with EPIC Agent CRM!

We help you with data migration as we have done this time and time again.

But that’s not all.

Jumping onboard is a breeze

– Cloud based & secure

– No set up fees

– No hefty upfront investment – Just pay as you go!

Once we are at it, here are some advantages & benefits of EPIC Agent CRM

– Configurable

– Everyone looking at a single source of truth

– Two-way integration between CRM + Integrated Website.

– Two-way match making (clients linked to properties and vice versa).

– Setting KPIs and monitoring Agents

– Genrating Reports (eg. Lost sales)

– Integrates with messaging and WhatsApp

– One stop shop (can send email, upload photos, create posters etc.) You do not need to use 3rd party applications

– Entire customer journey from start to finish

…………and much much more

If this sounds like music to your ears let us get in touch. We are happy to help.