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Our EPIC property management software is a game-changer in the industry. The benefits are endless and it's easy to see why so many landlords have switched over! We'll show you how our CRM property management solution can help your business grow with just a few clicks of the mouse.

With a never-ending plethora of activities that property managers need to juggle around with, managing property has not become any easier over the years. But the good news is that problematic tenants, compliance with ever-increasing legislation and other issues can now be managed using a totally new, superior and user-friendly class of property management software.

Property Management Software for Landlords

Being involved in property management and rental management is no easy task. Many landlords have gotten used to the more traditional ways of managing their property on paper, yet we all know, that delving through excel sheets and getting numbers and information to match in the short term might be doable, yet in the long term, the hassle continues to increase and at one point may become overly bothersome and even uncannily tiresome, to say the least.

As a property manager tasks such as advertising vacancies, managing accounts, overseeing lease-cycles, containing budgets, processing legal documentation and maintaining a physical office are a mundane job. The problem is that the more you grow in this industry, the more tedious this becomes. But the provenance of a property management software, as an application designed to help property managers and landlords, can be said to be the final solution for property and rental management alike.

EPIC Agent’s Rental Property Management Software Benefits

Accounting and Payments

Keep a continuous and unfettered track record of all rental payments. Stop looking for proof of payment when a tenant is being questionable in their attitude. With property management software payments can be tracked online. Any bills from your end can be tracked online too. Keep tracking payables and receivables constantly, together with tax filing and banking needs.

Operations and Property Maintenance

Get instant notifications of request through property management software use. Being called at ungodly hours of the night is a thing of the past. Through this benefit, you have ease of access to maintenance staff, the situation of your properties and all this information is easily manageable online and gives you keep of mind when dealing with quarrelsome tenants.

EPIC Agent’s Rental Property Management Software also promotes your listings online, with the ability to set up unlimited user accounts for continuous remote access by your team.

Management and Leasing

Property management software gives you the option to automate all the renting processes from beginning to end. So basically, when it comes to rental listing, rental applications and background check, this software, which operates in the cloud (hence saving you the expense of installing elaborate systems and investing in hardware), saves the day as it facilitates the whole renting process and also allows you to manage your relationship with your tenant, benefitting both you and your tenants.

Frequently Asked Questions

EPIC’s Property management software module is an online application which has been designed specifically for those property managers and landlords who need to organise their growing portfolios with regards to rental properties, owners and tenants, together with finances and accounts. A rental property software should give you abilities to manage any properties you might have remotely such as online signing of lease agreements.

Property management software helps both landlords and property managers alike to organise their property portfolio in ways which enables them to do much more in much less time. This is facilitated through the use  of a rental management software which has made mundane processes more efficient and raised the bar for the competition. At your desk, or on the go, by yourself, or shared amongst your team, this software can be accessed via your laptop, tablet and your mobile phone, ensuring that you miss nothing whilst on the go. Be it that viewing request, update in payment or property listing, you miss nothing, and at the end of the day, the result is more efficiency and more substantial growth.

What is a cost in reality? Is it the actual cost of buying a thing or a service? Or, is it the amount of time that is saved on a daily basis and the advantage over your competition, or is it the strong communicative bond that is being created, daily, between your agency and your clients? When you compare the gain that your business is going through versus the cost of owning this software, you will realise, both in the short term and in the long term, that the actual cost would be nullified when compared to what your business is gaining through this investment. You will not see property management software as a cost but as an investment, at any point in time.
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