Real Estate CRM

Real Estate CRM

The best way to get a sale is by having the right tools in place. The same goes for real estate agents who want to stay organized and keep their marketing efforts efficient. Our EPIC Real Estate CRM software is what you need to succeed - it will help you manage customer data, track lead conversion rates, and ensure that every deal closes successfully.

The only real estate CRM you need.

If you are involved in real estate and know of the complicated background work that such an enterprise requires, you will definitely appreciate the why and what of real estate CRM systems.  CRM systems are marvellous software tools that can facilitate your life.  In brief, it lifts a massive weight off your shoulders and allows you to concentrate your mental energy and manpower on where you really need it, creating relationships with your customers.  The rest is taken care of by our EPIC Agent’s CRM module.

Our EPIC real estate CRM has you covered

A happy customer is a returning customer, right? But once your client database is growing, customer service might start slipping.  You definitely do not want this.  Circumventing this possibility or totally eradicating it, is your decision, and yours alone.  With EPIC Agent’s Real Estate CRM in place, the system will make sure you never, repeat, never, disappoint them.  And, through the storage of notes from previous conversations, it is so easy to resume from where you had previously left off, creating a seamless relationship between your organisation and your clients.  Each and every one of them.

Social media is here to stay.  In fact, more social platforms are popping up every day.  EPIC Agent’s Real Estate CRM will link readily with platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, allowing you and your team to constantly share your property portfolio and content to your networks,  which goes a long way to personalise your relationships with your customers.

You’ll keep on using our Real Estate CRM

Once a consumer becomes a customer or a client, we tend to shelf the individual.  Wrong.  Obviously.  Having bought once does not mean that customer will not be coming back.  But people have this tendency to forget.  EPIC Agent’s Real Estate CRM reminds you to follow up on past customers and provides all the necessary information and details to easily engage in a friendly conversation.  Guess what? Usually, such conversations are what solidifies a relationship, and that customer will only have you in mind when thinking of a second, and third acquisition.

Frequently Asked Questions

CRM stands for customer relationship management.  To many it is simply a database, and many times ignored, but to those who understand its usefulness, it is a software which builds an intense database, and monitors this database for effective leads, through which accurate strategies are structured.

Easy really.  With this CRM for real estate agents in action, weekly contacts are recorded with intense precision and translated into transactions or possible future transactions, facilitating the process of monitoring who is already a seasoned customer and who is the consumer who can be a potential customer.  This facilitates the overview of the accumulating database and guides you better in your attempts to renew contacts and create new ones.  A well-managed CRM saves time and helps you grow – fast.

One other good reason to use CRM for real estate agents is to increase the automation of your company’s digital marketing.  What does this really mean? Once upon a time customers needed to be monitored individually to better understand and make good use of their profile.  With real estate agent CRM this is done automatically.  E-mails and newsletters are sent on a regular basis to keep your customers on their tiptoes with what is on the market, and if a customer has made that exciting property acquisition … the system will even send a personalised message congratulating them.  How’s that for keeping close ties and strong relationships, ensuring that they will come back.  Because let’s face it, customers love a good product, but they definitely feel better and in safer hands if they know that they are really being taken care of and they are not just a number on your database.

Competition today is rife.  We have to admit that you are either a shark or a minnow in a very deep ocean.  In comes the EPIC Agent’s Real Estate CRM. 

Referrals are the mainstay in this competition.  But how can these referrals be tackled effectively.  Once logged onto EPIC Agent’s Real Estate CRM, all doubts vanish and its just a matter of following the leads that are created by the system itself.  Sounds easy right? Well, in this case, it is not just easy, but a simplification of a tedious and heavy workload, a veritable edge over the competition, one can easily say.

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Did we say that EPIC Agent’s Real Estate CRM simplifies life?

Whether it is the consolidation information in a single place, ease of access of all this information by different individuals in your organisation, immediate response to online inquiries, ease of reference for the ideal home for each and every one of your customers, then EPIC Agent’s Real Estate CRM is an absolutely integral part of what you do on a daily basis.  Using such a CRM judiciously creates and strengthens relationships with customers and clients over time and this will reflect strongly in your business growth.