Real Estate Sales Software

Real Estate Sales Software

If you're a real estate agent, property seller or sales agent and are looking for a way to be more productive and save time then we have the perfect solution for you. We've created an all-inclusive Real Estate Sales Software suite that will keep your business running smoothly no matter what the market throws at you. With our EPIC solution, you'll never have to worry about losing leads again!

EPIC Agent’s Sales Module is the way forward for real estate businesses that need to ensure that their database is up-to-date and centralised in an efficient and time-saving manner. There are multiple challenges that real estate agents face. The main challenge is the level of competition. Choosing the right real estate sales software that will suit your agency means that you will be able to give your clients even more attention, an essential element for individuals and families who are taking such a big decision in their lives.

Real Estate Sales CRM

When it comes to anything dealing with real estate sales, sales software is the go-to solution to recognise prospective possibilities. Knowing that agents are always on the move and need to constantly be in touch with their clients, our EPIC Real Estate Sales Software can be accessed from mobile devices to ensure that agents make full continuous use while away from the office. This software also enables the preparation of quotations and manages transactions in a complete and visual way from the beginning, right down to closing the deal.

EPIC Agent’s Real Estate Sales Software Benefits

Send targeted emails

Get in touch and keep in touch. Emails have retained particular importance when conversing and trying to capture clients’ attention who might need to understand your point of view and realise that you have their concerns in mind. EPIC Agent’s Real Estate Sales Software does not send random or generic emails. Still, it ensures that each client receives a communication that makes perfect sense to their situation, based on their preferences, and is received in a timely manner too.

Accessible through any device with an internet connection

Meetings need to be scheduled, contacts and notes need to be inputted, and more importantly, updated. There is a myriad of tasks that need to be tackled immediately while in the field by each and every agent. Our EPIC software allows agents to react instantaneously to information and its collection through an efficient and user-friendly mobile version, reducing office time to a bare minimum.

Ability to instantly engage with prospects

Engage continuously and with immediate effect with possible clients by using our EPIC fully-fledged real estate crm. All the information about your prospects is at your fingertips. This functionality ensures that there is an immediate and personal reaction to clients’ needs and concerns, and all this while still interacting on the field.

Automate daily tasks

EPIC Agent CRM comes with a task management system, in which you can set and manage tasks for yourselves, as well as for colleagues. Our EPIC software solution will also be reminding you when the time comes to follow-up and chase on any leads that might be running cold, ensuring that you’re constantly on top of your game. 

Manage transactions

The best real estate sales software would definitely have the ability to create and maintain pipelines for ongoing transactions. These pipelines allow for immediate and actionable insights on which transactions are the most likely to be successful and hence the most prone to be closed. These insights can be actioned upon on a daily, weekly or quarterly forecast basis. With the possibility of adding visuals to each transaction, the pipeline would be a veritable go-to reference for agents, making finding each transaction and consequently taking action easier and faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. EPIC Agent’s Real Estate Sales Software not only facilitates the collection of information, but collects it in a way which makes it easier for agents to access and make use of in an entirely innovative and effective manner.

We at EPIC Agent’s Real Estate Sales Software assure you that we have had conversations with agents and researched the business intensively in the attempt to create a solution for problems that have been communicated with us over time. We have aimed to create and maintain the best solution to these problems, which we are sure you will agree with once you try it out!

Although each has a slightly different name, there is not much difference between the two. Any serious real estate sales software will need to make CRM an intrinsic part of its operation. CRM, when done right becomes an intuitive way of how to initiate, maintain and refresh relationships between agents and clients, assuring healthy and intense associations.

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